Evening Shift / Closing Director

Washington, DC

What characteristics make up a Director?

Directors are individuals that have a proven track record of work ethic, self-discipline and a

greater sense of responsibility. These individuals model a servant’s attitude; display a

willingness to go the 2nd mile; move with a sense of urgency and hold themselves and others

accountable to the standards and expectations set forth by Chick-fil-A.

Directors at Chick-fil-A Capitol Hill DTO are here to SERVE

Directors are responsible for the following:

• Seeing and Shaping the Future: Sets Goals and clearly communicates them to the team

• Engaging and developing others: Educates, Equips, Encourages, and Expects the best out

to the Team

• Reinventing Continuously: Constantly seeks to do things better and more efficiently

• Values Results and Relationships: Knows and understands how to connect with others

and leads them to get desired results

• Embodies the Values of Chick-fil-A: They work and lead people in a way that lines up

with the standards and expectations of Chick-fil-A

**Must have 1-2 years experience in Restaurant Management

**ServSafe Certification recommended.